A custom broker is that person who is presumed to have expertise in tariffs and custom laws. All the rules and rules and regulations for the clearance of imported or exported goods or merchandise from customs authority, preparation of import or export documents including computation and payment of duties, taxes and other charges accruing thereon are also expected to be under full grip of such persons.

As a professional service provider of the service, we have been successful in gaining the customer’s trust. This may be accounted to the following reasons:

  • We are aware of all the complex regulatory requirements of the process. We help people to govern the transport of goods across borders.
  • As the custom broking agent, we assure that the shipments of customers cross the border and reach destination without trouble. The skills to augment the entire custom clearance process seem to help our clients in this regard.
  • Rules and regulations regarding cross-border transactions undergo frequent changes. Custom brokers help the clients in averting costly delays and payment of penalty, confiscation of merchandise and likes.
  • We make all the custom declarations on behalf of our clients. We are aware of the fact that the declaration will be subjected to audit or penalty if the statements are found faulty. Thus, we advise our clients to leave the matter completely on us.